Outstanding food.

This is my very favourite local takeaway. Although you can sit in and they’re newly refurbished and the restaurant is lovely. But I’m a lazy child and much prefer to sofa flop to sitting up straight so the eating out is usually sacrificed to the run back down the street with my bag of treats. They have a fantastic menu, lots of vegetarian options for when I’m trying to bolster my 5 a day intake and all the usual prawn and chicken and lamb that you’d expect. The house specials are as special as you’d hope, the rice is al dente and the naan is fluffy. 

I visit there far too often in the dead of night when I’ve been working late. But they’re unfailingly kind. And I will always remember an anniversary 'come and eat for free to celebrate however many years of being here’ event which they ran perhaps three years ago. Which means that poor Cinnamon down the road from them doesn’t get a look in. 

Posted 23-12-2008 on